Smokey Resist - Kids T-Shirt - Kids Resist Shirt - Organic Cotton Recycled, Polyester & Rayon Blend - Made in USA


For young progressives! Spread the message of love, inclusion, and resistance to our bully-in-chief. Your kid is gonna get so many high fives.

- Easily goes where protest signs can't
- Moderately subversive
- Made in USA
- Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, and Rayon Blend
- Screen Printed in Portland, Maine by good people from all over the world
- Available in S (8), M (10), L (12)
- Ships USPS First Class for $3.50

Not Authorized by the U.S. Government, or the holders of the Smokey Bear license, as it is a parody of a government symbol urging resistance to said government. It's called parody fair use.