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Why I Resist - What Resistance Enterprises is Doing to Resist Trump

It's not every day you decide to start a company. But after going to march after march and rally after rally, I got tired of making signs that only get seen for a few minutes by people sympathetic to our cause. Don't get me wrong - protests are important. But I wanted to make a statement, rooted in the history of resistance in this country, that will be seen for days and months and years to come. And I wanted to share it. 

That's why Resistance Enterprises was founded. To help people share what they believe in. To get conversations started. To get the word out that the majority of Americans do not care for this president.

Why do I resist? 

I resist because racism is deplorable.

I resist because I don't want to see my immigrant friends get deported.

I resist because I don't believe in bringing back torture.

I resist because it is our American tradition to call our leaders the colorful adjectives they earn through their actions.

Resistance t-shirts might not seem like a powerful weapon in the fight against the many alternative facts and grotesque ideas coming from Washington. But I would argue that wearing a shirt that proclaims your resistance to what is happening, whether in class, or to work, or out to drinks, is just as powerful as marching with thousands of others. It might even be more powerful. Resistance brings the protest to those who don't want to think about it. It brings your values to those who might not know how you feel. And it will lead to discussion.

We've got to talk about what's happening in this country. These conversations won't always be easy, but they're important. Letting your world know how you feel is the first step.

February 13, 2017 by The Resistance
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